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The Power of Writing in College

What is the biggest challenge college professors face in today’s collegiate classroom? There may be no definitive answer to this question, but I bet if you surveyed professors nationwide you would find “engaging students” to be a popular response. Many professors long to see students interact more during class, discuss interesting lectures with their peers […]

Writing Across the Curriculum: iPod-inspired Writing Asssignments

If your students aren’t always enthusiastic about writing assignments, maybe it’s time to try something other than “Tell me what you did on your summer vacation”. Students will get more out of writing if they’re excited about the topic. Ask a 12-year-old to tell you why he likes Call of Duty, and I bet he’ll […]

Writing tips from the movies

SAGrader is designed to help students express their understanding of concepts through careful, precise writing. We’re not big fans of “fluff” writing that sounds good, but doesn’t actually say anything. I call this writing to the point. The underlying goal is to remove any content that does not help define your main point in a […]