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Bucking the Trend

Inertia is powerful. It’s nearly impossible to drive the speed limit on the interstate when all the cars around you are going five miles over. Inertia is the resistance to change from the status quo. Inertia is why it is hard drive the speed limit. Inertia is why it is hard to buck the trend. […]

Is technology in the classroom a good idea?

Like many high school students, Jenna was forced to hand write assignments for her college preparatory English course. Instead of embracing the power of word processors, her instructor insisted that every draft be hand written to avoid plagiarism. Her instructor’s misunderstanding of technology led to misguided rules in an effort to decrease cheating in the […]

Teaching with video games

Using video games in the classroom is nothing new. Like most children of the ’80s, many of my earliest memories of using a computer involve “The Oregon Trail“. Developed by a student teacher to supplement his history class, The Oregon Trail allowed students to get a glimpse of life in 19th Century America while also […]