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What We’ve Learned about Building Successful Education Technology Products

We’ve been working in education technology longer than most — going on eight years. In that time, we’ve collaborated with countless education partners, chatted with thousands of instructors, released hundreds of product updates and conducted a respectable amount of original research. Our journey hasn’t been easy. We’ve made all sorts of mistakes along the way […]

Article Insight: A Closer Look at SAGrader

Recently The Chronicle of Higher Education featured SAGrader in an article titled Professors Cede Grading Power to Outsiders—Even Computers. The article included some strategies college instructors are using to tackle their grading load and combat grade inflation. We’re happy for the mention and have been following the ensuing discussion closely as educators and students have […]

Iterating Your Way to Success

One idea that we at SAGrader support wholeheartedly is the concept of iterative learning. Within our SAGrader assignments, we suggest that instructors allow students to submit multiple times. Why? For two reasons: 1) Our own research has shown that it’s a great way for students to learn the material — often resulting in a score […]

Combating Increasing Class Sizes

In a recent post, ProfHacker Mark Sample outlines one of the issues facing schools across the country: increasing class sizes. As colleges continue to face an uptick in student enrollment, many are demanding that faculty fit more students into their classrooms. This increase in enrollment can lead to problems; including issues with how the class […]

SAGrader News: Product Updates

Here at The Idea Works offices the SAGrader development team has been hard at work ensuring that SAGrader is the best program available for improving student writing. While we are constantly making improvements to our software, two recent items deserve considerable mention. Our Context engine As part of our grading engine, SAGrader examines the context […]

The Shift Towards E-books

As textbook costs rise, major publisher take a new approach toward an electronic format. But will students and administrators go for it? Recently, a lot of buzz has been generated about the future of textbooks. While some see the traditional textbook as an irreplaceable part of Higher Education, a growing number of people are calling […]

Mobile Technology in the Classroom

I remember when cell phones first started appearing in schools. At the time I was a backpack toting student myself, struggling to define my identity in that most toxic of social environments: middle school. My family was too fiscally conservative to equip my brother and me with our own cell phones, but I distinctly remember […]

Help Your Students Get Organized for the New Year

If you teach, you know student’s have mastered the art of procrastination. Many students, however, come back from winter break determined to organize themselves for the semester ahead. Over at the ed tech blog Free Technology for Teachers, they’ve compiled a list of 15 tech tools to help students organize demands on their time across […]