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The Student Engagement Ebook is here

For those of you who have been following along in the newsletter and here on the blog you will know we completed our Engaging Students in the Classroom series and have now turned it into an ebook. The good news is this ebook is available to you free of charge with no need to fill […]

Engaging Students Ebook coming soon

Everyone enjoyed the series on student engagement so much we decided to repackage it into an ebook that you could download and share with your peers. The good news is that since we already have the content we only need to format the book before it’s ready. Make sure to check back on Monday to […]

Lesson #7 in Student Engagement – Be Yourself

This last lesson is the easiest to forget as you are constantly exploring new ideas for teaching your course. Be Yourself. You can engage students in plenty of ways. You don’t need to resort to ideas that aren’t you. If you are a funny guy, don’t try to be dry. It will come off as […]

Lesson #6 in Student Engagement – Take Extra Time to Prepare for Class

Today’s lesson is a bit of a no-brainer, but because it’s so easy it often gets overlooked. Making your class engaging and interesting doesn’t happen over night. You absolutely have to take some time to think about and prepare for your class lectures, assignments, tests and other material. Too many times when I talk to […]

Lesson #5 in Student Engagement – Leave Students Wanting More

In fifth grade, Mrs. Baker used to read to us classic books for 15 minutes just before school let out for the day. She always had a way of stopping right as things were getting exciting. We would have to wait a whole day before we could hear what would happen next. Mrs. Baker left […]

Lesson #4 in Student Engagement – Make Your Classroom Fun

Who said learning wasn’t fun? If you’ve spent too much time in academia, however, you start to get the feeling that learning isn’t fun. Students hate going to class, professors are teaching too many classes. Homework, tests, grading – it all starts to overwhelm and make the learning process kind of a drag. Here’s the […]

Lesson #3 in Student Engagement – Finding Your Voice

Today’s lesson is short and simple, but can be the most difficult to execute. Have you ever attended a lecture and the lecturer just seems to have ‘it’? The lecturer has great material, his slides are designed well, the lecture flows, his props are relevant, he’s kind of funny and afterward you can still remember […]

Lesson #2 in Student Engagement – How to Create an Interactive Classroom

Many professors tend to blame boring lectures on the uninteresting topics they teach. However, many times what makes your course interesting is how your students are interacting – not what you are teaching. This next lesson will draw upon what you learned in lesson one about getting in tune with your students to help you […]