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5 Tips for Giving Students Better Feedback On Content Area Writing

Few practices promote student learning as efficiently as well-formed writing assignments paired with personal, constructive feedback. Of course, giving useful feedback can be very time consuming and has limited value if students don’t read or act on it. It’s easy for teachers to get frustrated correcting the same errors over and over again, without seeing […]

5 Ways SAGrader Will Empower Your Students

We hear a lot of great things from our dedicated instructors on how SAGrader helps them save time and effort. Instructors, however, are just one piece of the puzzle. Just as often, we receive accolades from students who love using SAGrader for its dynamic feedback and rock-solid effectiveness in helping them get better grades. It’s […]

Article Insight: A Closer Look at SAGrader

Recently The Chronicle of Higher Education featured SAGrader in an article titled Professors Cede Grading Power to Outsiders—Even Computers. The article included some strategies college instructors are using to tackle their grading load and combat grade inflation. We’re happy for the mention and have been following the ensuing discussion closely as educators and students have […]

Iterating Your Way to Success

One idea that we at SAGrader support wholeheartedly is the concept of iterative learning. Within our SAGrader assignments, we suggest that instructors allow students to submit multiple times. Why? For two reasons: 1) Our own research has shown that it’s a great way for students to learn the material — often resulting in a score […]

How Important is Feedback in Maintaining Student Interest?

In a recent New York Times article titled “Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction” author Matt Richtel speculates on the reasons for students’ perceived inattentiveness toward their classroom instruction, proposing that the increased multitasking of today’s socially wired students inhibits their ability to internalize and even prioritize their classwork. One factor in maintaining a student’s […]