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Writing Across the Curriculum: iPod-inspired Writing Asssignments

If your students aren’t always enthusiastic about writing assignments, maybe it’s time to try something other than “Tell me what you did on your summer vacation”. Students will get more out of writing if they’re excited about the topic. Ask a 12-year-old to tell you why he likes Call of Duty, and I bet he’ll […]

The Purpose of School

When the school year ends in the next few weeks, more than a handful of students (and teachers?) will look back and think: “What was the point of all that?” For some, it only takes a glimpse of life outside the classroom to start questioning the purpose of school. Especially when all the fun seems […]

Is Google ruining research?

Meris Stansbury of eSchool News recently wondered how students’ reading and research habits have been influenced by our Google-centric culture. She cites research commissioned by the British Library and the Joint Information Systems Committee that says: [Web users] tend to seek information horizontally–meaning they skim, or bounce from page to page, without reading in depth […]