5 Ways SAGrader Will Empower Your Students

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We hear a lot of great things from our dedicated instructors on how SAGrader helps them save time and effort. Instructors, however, are just one piece of the puzzle. Just as often, we receive accolades from students who love using SAGrader for its dynamic feedback and rock-solid effectiveness in helping them get better grades. It’s like having a personal tutor on-demand to help with their assignments.

So what kinds of benefits do students see with SAGrader? Read on to find out how SAGrader can…

1. Give students more access to their instructor

SAGrader’s automatic scoring means that instructors no longer spend hours grading stacks of student homework. With all the extra time on their hands, they can make themselves available to focus on the things in class that really matter- identifying content areas and students that need reinforcement and executing a plan to address them.

2. SAGrader’s innovative and engaging approach holds student attention

Our web-based format captures student interest in the setting they’re most comfortable in: Online. Customized and immediate feedback on student work goes above and beyond anything found in traditional print textbooks, keeping students engaged in the material as they learn the concepts.

3. Promote a sense of ownership from our revision process

By carefully analyzing and comparing a student’s demonstrated level of knowledge against an expertly designed rubric, SAGrader can provide highly targeted feedback. Students know exactly what they got right, what they got wrong, and what they need to do to improve. Combined with our iterative writing process, students are encouraged to continue submitting answers until they receive a grade they are pleased with.

4. SAGrader assignments can be completed anytime/anywhere

Student study habits vary wildly. By allowing 24-7 online access to SAGrader, students can log in and submit to their assignments when they feel most receptive to learn.

5. Automated scoring ensures that students are being treated fairly

By using the same grading criteria for all, students can be confident that their work is being treated the same as everyone else. No teacher’s pets, no bias; just instant, accurate grading against a consistent rubric.

Passionate instructors and motivated students are at the core of what we do at SAGrader. We’re proud to offer a solution that engages, motivates, and empowers our users to navigate their academic commitments. Of course, it’s impossible to summarize all of SAGrader’s benefits in such a short space, so if you’d like to learn more just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to chat!

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  • The other thing we’ve found is that disadvantaged students can use SAGrader to “catch up” with their peers. Frankly, great students don’t always need something like SAGrader because they are going to get a good grade on their first submission. But less prepared students need that extra feedback and opportunity to revise…so SAGrader can especially empower these students.