Iterating Your Way to Success

One idea that we at SAGrader support wholeheartedly is the concept of iterative learning. Within our SAGrader assignments, we suggest that instructors allow students to submit multiple times.

Why? For two reasons:

1) Our own research has shown that it’s a great way for students to learn the material — often resulting in a score one or two letter grades higher than they would have achieved without the opportunity.

2) It makes it much easier for the instructor to identify concepts their students are having trouble grasping, since they can track a student’s progress throughout the learning process. This not only helps in identifying students who may be struggling, but can also help instructors target and improve parts of their own instruction that may need further clarification.

We also embrace iterative learning in our own product design. We’re always in a continuous loop of testing, design, and validation; then retesting, redesign, more validation, and so forth. Why? Because it allows us to stay closer to our users! By directly asking our instructors and students for feedback at multiple points throughout the process, we make sure we’re building solutions that our customers really want and appreciate. It also helps us be more efficient by eliminating time and energy wasted on features no one really cares about.

So it’s a win-win for everyone: the instructors get what they want, students get the information they need in a manner that appeals to them, and we save development time and costs by not building unneeded features.

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