Link Love

We admit it. We’ve been a little slow when it comes to posting our weekly round ups. In fact, I think it’s been…months since our last post full of link love!

So, while we might not be sharing the link love as regularly, we’d still like to tell you about some articles we found interesting in case you haven’t already checked them out. Here are some we stumbled upon recently!

Nation has high college remedial education rate
Students taking high school level classes at college? Something seems amiss…

Podcasts: enhancing or replacing normal lectures?
How are podcasts affecting classrooms? Are they adding to or taking away? Will they quickly become a thing of the past or will they transform the classrooms of the future?

Finished College. Now What?
The goal of graduating with a degree should be more than just finding a job. The awesome people at Wake Forest believe in helping their students find a path that is meaningful and fulfilling post graduation!

What is the Future of Teaching?
Are online learning environments more powerful than the traditional classroom? Do students that learn online outperform those who are taught in face-to-face situations? An interesting article that sheds some light on using online tools in education and what the future might hold for instructors and students everywhere.

High-Tech Cheating Abounds, and Professors Bear Some Blame
Is technology not only helping students to cheat, but blurring the lines of what defines cheating? And how much influence do professors have – positive or negative?