Introducing SAGrader Metrics

Here at SAGrader, we’re all about giving students the best feedback possible based on their submissions. We are able to assess knowledge through the content provided by students, which requires a program that does more than pick up on key words and phrases.

And while we still believe in all of this, we wanted to make SAGrader even more robust by adding metrics. The first three metrics in the lineup are Spellcheck, Grammar, and Fluff. Let’s take a look at what these mean.

Spellcheck – This one is pretty obvious. SAGrader will pick up on spelling errors made my students and list out each of the misspelled words. Students have the ability to go back in their submissions, correct their mistakes, and resubmit.

Grammar – Though they may want to, students doesn’t always use proper grammar. SAGrader can nudge them in the right direction by pointing out grammatical errors and areas that need more work. Again, SAGrader will use examples from student submissions to show them where and how they messed up, along with suggestions for improvement.

Fluff – Every once in a while, students will add some “fluff” to their writing to either add length or make it seem like they know what they’re talking about when they don’t. Fluff is essentially anything in a submission that doesn’t add value to the response – things like wordy phrases and unnecessary sentences or paragraphs.

Below, take a look at some example feedback for the new SAGrader metrics.