Weekly Round Up

Happy Friday! We hope you had a productive week. Here are a few interesting reads we found this week – enjoy!

How to Teach with Google Wave
Though it’s an older article, it’s full of good stuff about using Google Wave in your classroom. One of Wave’s biggest advantages? Allowing classes from different colleges to easily work together.

Technology and education continue to merge
This article starts with pointing out a simple fact – technology is changing the way we educate and learn. We know it’s changing how we learn, but what about where we learn? Is online education really the future of higher education? Online enrollment is growing immensely and it’s something educators should take note of.

Are They Students? Or ‘Customers’?
A great discussion on whether or not students should been seen as customers as well as students, and thus have more say in what and how they are taught, and how they are assessed.

Annual Poll of Freshman Shows Effects of Recession
Finances are more of a concern than ever for college kids. Parents without jobs, not being able to find jobs themselves – it’s hard entering the job market today as it is. It looks like these students might have the same job market problems over the next few years, with a lot more debt from the start.