Weekly Round Up

It’s that time of the week again. Here are a few interesting posts and articles we found around the web. Any other good reads worth mentioning? Share with us in the comments.

Cheating: Does Deindividuation Encourage It?
Are people more likely to cheat in a setting where they can be anonymous or place blame on someone else? This post shares some interesting, though expected, results from a psychological study. Makes us wonder, in huge lecture style classes where students claim to feel like “just a number”, is cheating a given?

Apple in Talks with McGraw-Hill, Hachette over Tablet
Apple’s Tablet and text books – a natural fit? Read up on the options Apple, McGraw-Hill and Hachette are coming up with.

Cape Fear Academy class makes it OK to tweet at school
Being required to tweet, Facebook, and blog during class? Sounds like a dream a lot of students have. For some, it’s a reality. This high school has developed a class in which students learn all about social media and how it can relate to and be applied in the world of business.