Help Your Students Get Organized for the New Year

If you teach, you know student’s have mastered the art of procrastination. Many students, however, come back from winter break determined to organize themselves for the semester ahead.

Over at the ed tech blog Free Technology for Teachers, they’ve compiled a list of 15 tech tools to help students organize demands on their time across classes, organizations, fraternities and the million other activities college students find time for.

Photo by Orcmid

Among the aps are the always popular Remember the Milk and Google Calendar aps, but they share a few sites you may never have heard of.

Nexty is a personal planning tool that falls somewhere a basic to-do list creator and a full-fledged project management tool. Nexty offers users the ability to create lists, prioritize lists, and set reminders. Nexty users can create project folders to which they can add to-do lists for completing each project. The settings in Nexty are intuitive and easy to adjust. Getting started with Nexty takes only seconds as you do not have to enter an email address to create an account.

For more ideas on keeping students productive in the new year, check out the full article. Know of other tricks to help students stay organized? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

15 Tools to Help Students Keep Organized [Free Technology For Teachers]