Slide Share

Trying to share PowerPoint presentations with classmates, students, instructors, peers or even across computers is always a chore.

Students often have storage limits on their email accounts so a bulky PowerPoint presentation won’t find its way to the intended recipient. Carrying around a USB drive often fixes the problem until you lose the pesky thing. And while most computers these days have at least a PowerPoint viewer, the last thing you need is to show up and find out you can’t show your presentation because your file isn’t compatible with the computer you have available.

What’s the solution? Slide Share

Slide Share has been around for a while now and has been picking up steam in the academic community.

Slide Share let’s you upload your PowerPoint presentations and share them across a global community (or across a private community if your worried about people seeing your work). That means no more emailing presentations, no more compatibility issues, and no more worrying about lost USB drives. Additionally, you have the opportunity to share your thoughts across the global community and get feedback from a global perspective and not just your local classroom.
Anyone can view your slides so there won’t be any worries about students not having access.

The only pitfall to Slide Share is internet access. If where you are presenting doesn’t connect to the web, odds are you’ll be out of luck trying to access your slides.

All-in-all, Slide Share provides a great solution to a common problem, but the thing I’ve found of most use is the large collection of presentations already shared there. These slides contain a host of information as well as great ideas for improving my own presentations.

So if you want to learn more, head on over to where you can check out thousands of presentations. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired with some ideas for making your own presentations better?