Weekly Round Up

It’s that time again. Here are three great articles we discovered this week that we hope you’ll enjoy. Have a great weekend.

The Education Revolution
Are the things students being taught (and the way they are taught to learn) in today’s high schools and colleges going to be detrimental to their career success when the job market picks up? Here is an interesting read on that very subject and what is being done in Sweden to make sure today’s students are ready for tomorrow’s jobs.

Media Literacy: Making Sense Of New Technologies And Media by George Siemens
Another round up of articles and blog posts compiled by George Siemens about technology and students.

Why It Does and Doesn’t Matter What Students Think about Professors’ Use of Tech
Can students really judge how well you as an instructor understand technology in the classroom? Can they even judge how well they understand technology in the classroom? Here’s a great article from ProfHacker about why it does and doesn’t matter what students think about their professors when it comes to using tech and tech tools.