The Student Engagement Ebook is here

For those of you who have been following along in the newsletter and here on the blog you will know we completed our Engaging Students in the Classroom series and have now turned it into an ebook. The good news is this ebook is available to you free of charge with no need to fill out any forms either.

The ebook consists of 7 digestible lessons that will help improve student engagement in your classes. If you’re looking to make a few tweaks to your class or even considering revising your whole course this book will help you manage these tasks.

And like any book for teachers, each lesson has short homework to help you work through some of the tips from each lesson.

Click here to download your free ebook!

If you’d rather not download the book, each of the lessons is available through the links provided below:

Lesson 1: Understand Your Students
Lesson 2: How to Create an Interactive Classroom
Lesson 3: Finding Your Voice
Lesson 4: Make Your Classroom Fun
Lesson 5: Leave Students Wanting More
Lesson 6: Take Extra Time to Prepare for Class
Lesson 7: Be Yourself

Remember, this information isn’t only for you. Make sure to let your peers and fellow teachers know about this great resource. Feel free to distribute the ebook as you see fit.