Weekly Round Up – Halloween Edition

Happy Friday. As usual we wanted to share with you some articles and blog posts we found around the web this week. Hope you enjoy.

Why You Shouldn’t Assume Student’s Technical Skills
Here’s a great article from over at Prof. Hacker that illustrates why students can’t be expected to have as much technical savvy as you might think.

Getting It Wrong: Surprising Tips on How to Learn
Here’s a nifty article suggesting that Google may not be the best way to learn. Sometimes it’s better if you try to learn something and fail miserably. When you fail to learn something the first time the lesson tends to stick with us better than if you’d have learned it right the first time.

On Closing the Digital Divide
The New York Times has a good article about trying to close the digital divide. Some interesting thoughts from thought leaders at Google’s Breakthrough Learning in the Digital Age meeting.

Lastly, let us know what your plans for Halloween are? Did you do anything fun in your classes? Have any big plans for the weekend? What’s the wrap on America’s spookiest holiday?