Engaging Students Ebook coming soon

Everyone enjoyed the series on student engagement so much we decided to repackage it into an ebook that you could download and share with your peers. The good news is that since we already have the content we only need to format the book before it’s ready. Make sure to check back on Monday to download it.

In the meantime you can find all seven entries under the Student Engagement Series tag on the sidebar. Or if you wish to review individual posts in the series just click on the links below.

Lesson 1: Understand Your Students
Lesson 2: How to Create an Interactive Classroom
Lesson 3: Finding Your Voice
Lesson 4: Make Your Classroom Fun
Lesson 5: Leave Students Wanting More
Lesson 6: Take Extra Time to Prepare for Class
Lesson 7: Be Yourself

That’s all for now. Be sure to check back Monday so you can download and share the ebook with other professors, instructors and teachers.

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