Lesson #7 in Student Engagement – Be Yourself

This last lesson is the easiest to forget as you are constantly exploring new ideas for teaching your course.

Be Yourself.

You can engage students in plenty of ways. You don’t need to resort to ideas that aren’t you.

If you are a funny guy, don’t try to be dry. It will come off as fake and not genuine.

Share and Relate

Don’t be afraid to share personal examples and real life experiences of your own success and failures. Students will be able to connect with you because you are authentic.

A professor I had in college was a master at the personal story. In fact he had so many personal stories I am certain he either a) made them up or b) adapted them from other professors. It was those personal stories though that kept the class interested in what he had to say.

Stay on Topic

There’s no reason to throw personal stories into your lecture just for the sake of it. Instead find relevant stories that you can work into your lecture in a way that makes sense.

Homework: For your next 5 lectures think of a story that is both relevant and personal. It doesn’t matter what the story is. Just make sure it is on topic and can create a connection with your students.

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